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>> this has been a message from the president of the united states. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "speal report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. had now you know the news. happy valentine's day. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i did not see urgency from you about the 14-plus trillion-dollar debt. >> i think there was enormous urgency. >> bill: did you really? the new federal budget is out. big controversy, is the president cutting too little? brit hume and george stephanopoulos will analyze. >> you saw the interview he did at the super bowl. i thought it was very disrespectful. >> worse than that. it was actually bigoted. >> bill: now the far left says my interview with president obama was racist.
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unbelievable. bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> the egyptian people have spoken. >> as you know the factor has been on the egypt thing for a couple days now and this mumbarak guy, trust me, he ain't going nowhere. >> bill: "saturday night live" keeping alive. >> very good, mr. president. >> the presidential interview. wait until you see this. >> do i have to stay for this? >> sit down. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama and spending our money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the president released his budget for 2012 today. it takes a federal deficit down from 1.6 trillion-dollar to 1.1 trillion, still a huge amount of spending for the federal government, obviously. numbers break down this way.
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just 90 billion in spending cuts, that's all. and 453 billion in increased revenue. most generated by higher taxes on stuff. republicans say, of course, the cuts are far too small and talking points agrees. here is how the enormous spending effects you. in order to pay off the interest on the 14 trillion-dollar debt, money that could be used to defend america to educate its children, to build highways and other infrastructure is, instead, that money is instead sent to people who have lent us the money. people in china and in the arab states, for example. so the feds are basically taking money away from we the people, a form of taxation and using it to satisfy debt payments. it's a vicious cycle. the democrats demand more money for education and entitlements and other projects. we have to borrow that to support those entitlements because we are sending the money we do have to people who have financed our debt. so they think that's bigger and bigger and bigger.
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that's crazy. if the u.s. government were a business, it would have gone under a long time ago. the solution is really a question. how much pain will we tolerate? for example, talking points believes that social security payments will have to be cut to the wealthy and perhaps to working americans in the form of a higher retirement age. will you support that? on the health care front, no longer can medicare and medicaid be dolled out the way it is being now. much more discipline will have to be proposed. are you okay with that? chances are your co-payments will go up a lot. no matter what happens in the supreme court with obama care there is simply no other way to save america economically. president obama believes that cutting the budget will buy the country time and that's true to some extent. but the cold truth is, america needs a drastic overhaul in what it spends money on. and how many entitlements there should be. if we're all in this together, we will absorb the pain. but if we only care about ourselves, america will continue on the road towards insolvent is i. no question about it. that's the memo.
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now for the top story tonight. reaction. we begin fox news chief political analyst brit hume who joins us now from boca grand, florida. so 3 billion in cuts. that's chump change, is it not? >> well, actually, the number for next year in terms of deficit reduction, bill, as you point out, sounds fairly impressive. down from 1.6 trillion to 1.1 trillion. $500 billion. but, look at it another way. this budget anticipates that it would -- if the policies were put in place, that the federal deficit would come down by a total of $1.1 trillion over 10 years that is an amount equal to what this budget proposes to borrow next year alone. so, when you look at the enormity of the task magnitude of the debt we are already in and have going forward, this is a pretty tame budget. and it really doesn't do much in light of the enormity of the
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task. >> how are we going to raise 453 billion. that's got to be by taxes. >> you raise revenues. doesn't mean you raise the tax rates. gusher of revenue out of a growing economy. that often happens. >> bill: still, the gurebler is in the form of the government taking money away in capital gains taxes. increased salaries. the government has no other way to raise revenue other than to tax. it's not like the government is running a business, that the business is going to get better. they have to get it through that. >> well, it is like a business or like a family to the extent that as the whole enterprise grows in this case it's the economy it can support more debt and more spending. the problem we are facing now is that the economy is growing only very meagerly and spending has been growing very rapidly. this budget bill does not
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propose to do anything at all about the really big items that are within the budget. that is the entitlement spending that you mentioned earlier. simply punted on this issue. >> okay. so, 90 billion in spending cuts. that's all. that's all and i'm saying to myself it should be 490 billion in spending. i'm not a tea party person in the sense that i'm saying federal government has to just wipe out all the entitlements. everybody is on their own and maybe that's oversimplifying the tea party position. it's basically they want drastic, drastic cuts, they being the tea party. i'm in the middle here. but $90 billion in spending cuts and increased revenue. back to taxation. maybe they are going to raise taxation tax on more money aloud to be taxed. taking it away. not stopping the spending. i'm going to myself this isn't even close. this can't pass the house of representatives. it can't.
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>> no, it can't. the only thing i can -- there are two possibilities of what this budget means, bill. one is that the president simply doesn't want to do any more than this now. he will wait and negotiate with republicans and go along with a lot more. that's one possibility. that's a hopeful possibility. that when the republicans weigh in with their much deeper cuts that they will work something out that's in between but quite sizeable. that's one possibility. the other possibility is that this is kind of a politically tactical budget where he comes out, offers very little. waits for the republicans to offer more and then he down the middle. for being mean to the poor, for throwing the elderly out and leaving them in poor house and all of the other things we have heard so many times before which i'm sad to say have always been effective politically. >> bill: people feel they are going to lose something, they tend to vote for the person who promises that they won't lose anything. but, in this case, i think the tide has turned and most americans see the danger, fiscal danger to our country.
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but, the republicans haven't offered any kind of entitlement medicare, medicaid, and now social security plan either. so the president can say, look, i'm waiting, guys. i'm waiting. you guys got nothing on the table. >> well, the republicans have yet to write their budget. it isn't due for a while. and when they do we will see if they're willing to take a step into these waters where they have always been attacked before. my anticipation is that they are caught here in a dilemma. they can be attacked by the democrats if they try to do it. deeply disappoint a huge portion of their constituency if they don't. my guess is the republicans in the house will come forward with some efforts on entitlement spending. they will go much deeper than the president has proposed to go on the rest of the budget that he proposes as you point out to cut in only a modest way. and then we will see what happens. if the president wants to negotiate and get something done he could. if he wants a political fight set him and his party up for 201
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he believes he can get that. >> do you know when the deadline for all the budget stuff is. >> well, we got -- well, there is a peculiar later we are in this year 2011 is only halfway through and republicans say there is -- believe there is still time to cut a lot of money this year and keep the deficit below the 1.6 trillion plus that the president says we'll incur this year 2011 alone. that's the first piece of business. that will occur on or about march the 4th, when there is a fight over that then, later, you know, sometime in march he will be -- a budget resolution will have to pass the house of representatives. it will move to the senate. the president doesn't have any kind of a say in that. that's a congressional document. obviously when the plan cuts and other policy proposals are acted upon, he have a say in that. >> bill: right. what a mess. what a mess. brit, thanks very much. next on the run down, george stephanopoulos will reply.
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later did you know that my interview with president obama
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>> bill: continuing with story cutting budget going from 1.6 trillion to 1, 1. most of the deficit generated by revenue increases. joining us from abc news studios in new york george stephanopoulos. had you to deal with this budget stuff when you were advising
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president clinton. how do you see this one? >> i think this is the first move of. you talk to white house officials and democrats. they admit they know this doesn't solve the big problems you were talking to burt -- brit about a moment ago. they will show that history shows over the last 30 years of budget negotiations goes out there with a proposal first gets it shot down. so, instead, they are basically putting in a place holder and saying let's figure out if we can have some conversations how to move forward over the course of this year and whether anything can get done. the showdown is going to hit pretty early. we face this first as brit was talking about, the government runs out of money for this year on march 4th. house republicans showing real desire to get more cuts in order it how to extend force the white house to try to accept some percentage of cuts for every week that goes by. that could create the opportunity for conversation much more earlier.
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>> bill: see, the conversation right now is that president obama continues not to have, as i asked him in the interview, an urgency on the matter. because, look, let's face it, i mean $90 billion in spending cuts faced with what we have here with 1.6 trillion in spending overall in 2012, just think about it 1, 1 in 212 and 1.6 in 20011. he wants to cut only 90 billion of that spending? come on, people are starting to get a queazy feeling -- >> i don't know if you saw the article, the long article egypt today with the president said to have told president mumbarak in their last phone call just because things weren't in doesn't mean it's going to happen in the same way in the future. same question about the budget as well. you know, you look at this pew poll that came out this weekend shows that a plurality of americans are still for more spending in every single category. >> bill: i know. >> except for foreign aid. but i'm about to take your
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point. on the other hand, we do see a lot of concern about debt and deficits in the aggregate. this time around, are you goings to see democrats, republicans, either side willing to go in and face that. >> they have to. >> bill: it's funny because you, when you were with clinton, you guys actually balanced the budget back then. it wasn't that long ago. all right? and so the government was actually spending what it took in. how in a period of, what, 13, 14 years did it get so wildly out of control? was it the war on terror that did it? >> you are going to disagree with this, it was the tax cuts in 2001 combined with the war on terror. that's what did it. that's what is going to be a problem for the republican party going forward. yes, you do need to cut medicare and get control of social security and get control of the debt in the long run. you also need to do something on the tax side whether it's tax reform or some other kind of proposal. >> they raise taxes, they risk
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strangling the economy and the reason taxes were cut in the first place is to get out of the recession that happened after 9/11 which happened. but,. >> arguing for those before the recession. >> bill: i think a flat tax or a more efficient tax system would be embraced by americans. we can raise more money by just doing it more efficiently. fairer tax. >> that could be. that could happen. i don't think it could happen before the presidential election. again, you go back into history, ronald reagan in 1986, when after he lost seats in the house and senate, and he worked out a deal on tax reform with people like dick gephart and bill bradley with democrats. i think it's possible if president obama gets reelected in 2012, but you see more republicans in the senate. they are defending so far fewer seats, 23-10 i believe. then you would have the conditions for a deal where both sides feel responsibility for going forward. i'm not sure you are there yet. >> i think the american people are going to demand it because even the people who want more
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spending for their own pet projects, they have got to know if we continue this eleven suffer because there will be a catastrophic collapse in this country. you can't run this kind of a deficit. you can't. >> my concern is that you are not going to see. >> bill: everybody knows that. >> what you may not see is you may not see the congress and the white house come together and face that until you have already had the economic crisis. >> bill: i hope not. george, always a pleasure. >> take care, bill. >> bill: directly ahead, speaker of the house john boehner grilled by president obama's religion on nbc news. "saturday night live" weighs in on the big obama o'reilly interview. it's pretty funny coming up.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, speaker of the house john boehner and on nbc meet the
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press yesterday and was put on the spot about president obama's religion. >> as the speaker of the house, the leaders, do you not think it's your responsibility to stand up to that kind of ignorance? >> david, it's not my job to tell the american people what to think. our job in washington is to listen to the american people. having said that, the state of hawaii has said that he was born there. that's good enough for me. he says he is a christian. i accept him at his word. >> bill: that sounded like the speaker answered the question about his birth and his religion, did it not? but mr. gregory continued. >> isn't that a little bit fast and loose? i mean, you are the leader in congress and you are not standing up to obvious facts and saying these are facts, if you don't believe that this is nonsense. about whether he is a muslim doesn't concern you. >> stand up and say the facts are these. >> bill: joining us now to react
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is mary katharine ham and juan williams are in washington tonight. we got a country just about bankrupt, maybe selling furniture on capitol hill pretty soon. and he is back to the birth certificate muslim stuff which i guess -- i don't know. i'm not getting this. do you have any thoughts on this? >> well, i have two thoughts. one is that brian williams, before gregory was asking the same questions of boehner and if there is a pattern emerging that nbc says seems like their story, which is that they can't get the republican leadership to repudiate the birth errors or the people that think that obama is a muslim. i think they are saying it's not an act of leadership on the part of the top elected republican officials in the country to somehow say it's not our business. people can think what they want to think or, you know, it's a matter of opinion. as opposed to opinion.
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we are not politics about. this this is beneath us to in any way allow this to go on. that's a good point by nbc, i think. >> i disagree with you because i don't think that this is any traction at all, juan. i don't think there is any effect in this country at all on any public policy about the president's religion or his birth certificate. it doesn't matter. >> why are there nine republican congressman, i think, who just introduced some kind of legislation to question whether obama is an american citizen? >> you want me to answer that question? because they are pinheads and they are playing to the crowd it has nothing to do. >> you got it. >> bill: it has nothing to do with the business of the nation. nothing. >> yeah. and those are republics -- republicans being led by john boehner. >> bill: wait a minute. he is just the speaker of the house. is he not leading anybody anywhere.
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mary katharine go ahead. >> there is incredible double standard here as far as david gregory goes it was not a republican who in december or boehner in december saying hey, why doesn't president obama come out with that birth certificate? it was nbc employee chris matthews saying that he was saying it in the context of being anti-birther some way. argument theorists do. >> >> bill: you are getting caught up in the minute minute sure shah of all of. this bill maher before this happened saying i don't believe obama is a christian. why is that? he thinks is he a secular humanist. legitimate. wife is it those guys get away with it and on the right if you down to the re last person don't denounce it in the right way you are like anti-owe -- it's ridiculous. >> bill: i want everybody to understand. this the issue doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. same clear-thinking people understand the president is not
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a muslim. and he wasn't born in indonesia or whatever they are putting out there. why does meet the press and nbc news take up valuable air time to hammer a guy who has nothing to do with it, boehner. he has no dog in the hunt. why? what are they trying to do, juan? there must be a reason. >> let me just say this to you. i have heard you say this is ridiculous and not an issue. okay? >> bill: right. many times. >> right. okay. you are the man. i appreciate that here's the thing. when it comes to boehner. when it comes to mitch mcconnell, you know, the republican leader in the senate, when it comes to eric cantor, there is a sense and i think there is a lot of people feel this, not just nbc, that there is coded language going on here. >> bill: coded language. >> the dog whistle.
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>> no dog whistle, not in american history. >> bill: coded language. >> american history knows coded language. >> bill: let me stop there and tease a piece coming up. i don't know if you know this or not, my interview with president obama was -- >> you were -- you are using that now to diffuse a real conversation. >> bill: it isn't a real conversation because it doesn't matter anymore. it's a bunch of bull that people made up that has no impact on public policy, juan. none. >> why are republican congressman introducing legislation about it. >> bill: because they are pinheads, that's why. it's getting nowhere. it won't get voted on. it won't get debated. it's just a grandstand play by people who are looking for attention. go ahead, mary katharine. >> if i can give you a high five i would do it because you are exactly right. >> every time republicans say anything about this we have a
5:27 am
discussion about coded language and dog whistles might lead people are careful in the way they denounce it. >> bill: nbc news wants to inhibit criticism of the president by trotting out this ridiculous stuff? >> i'm saying that boehner and mcconnell are consistent about the way they're addressing this issue so they don't get accused of other things. why would they bother -- if i were boehner i would have said this. >> public guy get asked about this. focus group in iowa. >> i hope the speaker is listening. hey, don't you have any better questions to ask about that that's insane? it's not my job to police insanity. get it? you got anything else on your plate there, mr. gregory? that's what i would have done. mary katharine and juan. >> okay. you just said it's insane. that's good. >> bill: i'm glad you are taking something away from. this i'm sure they would have been satisfied they said that. >> bill: he would have won the debate. plenty more.
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presidentmy interview with prest obama now branded as racist. obama now branded as racist. i was amused by it,
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, there is a controversy over the arab tv network al jazeera. some say its tone is anti-semitic and anti-american. others say it serves a service to the arab world. joining us now from washington former anchor man for al jazeera worked for many years at abc news. you quit al jazeera, why? >> i guess you could call them irreconcilable editorial differences. one thing i had been promised was a great deal of editorial atom my that disappeared over the first couple of years of the channel and things became much more consolidated. also i felt that when it came tort rock about the united states, al jazeera didn't live up to the standard that it set
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around the world. we were just having periodic fights about this and both sides decided as i say it was irreconcilable differences. >> bill: okay. when i research a story, i came one a whole bunch of things that proved to me anyway that al jazeera is anti-semitic and anti-american in its tone. not everybody, not all day. but enough that it's very disturbing. am i wrong? >> i think you are, bill. i think you overstate it there is certainly not anti-semitic. they are, i think, anti-netanyahu, anti-lieberman, anti-the israeli right. but even in israel the opinion is that al jazeera gives them a fair journalist shake. they cover israel more even handily and more accurately than any other arab news media. >> bill: i don't know if that's the bar though. a "new york times" editorial recently criticized al jazeera for reporting that jews, now they reported this, that jews
5:33 am
had been informed in advance of september 11 and told not to go to work at the world trade center. that was a report. >> i would guess that that was a quote from an interested party inside of a report. >> bill: okay. >> i don't think that you would be -- i think that that was probably a very well known saudi sheik. >> bill: look, this is the "new york times" criticizing them. not me. >> um-huh. >> bill: secondly, here is another one. more recently al jazeera has been criticized for using the term martyr in their newscasts to describe palestinian suicide bombers who have killed israeli civilians. >> again, i i they changed their lang badge which would have been the arabic and not the english channel. they made that change five years ago even before i was working for them. certainly the english channel does not use martyr in that way. bill, let's talk about what's going on today.
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>> bill:ook, i -- access. that's what donaldson was impressed by and everything >> huge share of the arab speakingth usy opinion, all right, for an agenda. and the agenda is largely anti-american. if a leader in an arab country likes america. al jazeera doesn't like that person, right? >> you know, i think it's an over simplyification. in fact, bill, let me propose something to you that i think is going to set you back on your heels. the revolution of the past couple weeks in tunisia and in egypt are in many ways al jazeera revolutions. not just that they are reporting of tunisia helped spark things in egypt and their reporting in egypt is now sparking things in yemen and jordan and iran and many other parts of the middle east. but that the values of the demonstrators in both tunisia and in egypt were essentially al
5:35 am
jazeera's values, which are freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, democratic, especially people power, democratic politics. now, those are all as spicial aspirational values. the only instrumental value i saw in al jazeera was anything the government is doing anywhere let's cover it with a skeptical eye. >> bill: i hope you are right. i don't like at it quite that way based on our research. i think that they, al jazeera are anti-american and want to put into power people who will give this country a hard time. but, dave, you acquitted yourself quite well. thank you for the debate. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on charges that my interview with president obama was racist. this may be the lowest ever for the far left. bernie is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reillyed in the segment, ith bernie was fascinating to see the reaction from my interview with president obama on super bowl sunday. i never expected the interview to be branded racist. on hbo, it was. >> worse than that, it was actually bigoted. when he asked him if he knows football. i mean, if i was the president, i would say get the [bleep] out of my house. [ applause ] >> do i know football? >> like you are a basketball guy, wink wink. >> a inner city basketball guy. you are not really american. >> muslims don't play football. >> also throw dice in the rose garden, right. >> bill: i believe what you just saw is the lowest point in the history of far left discourse. that's how insane what you just heard really is with us now the purveyor of bernard goldberg got come mr. goldberg. all of this works for hbo on a
5:40 am
very spine sports program that's embarrassing, right? >> it's embarrassing but it's worse than that it's irrational. it's almost clinical insanity. look, people could watch the interview and say i liked it, i thought he asked good questions and they could say i didn't like it. i don't think he asked good questions. you have to be out of your mind to find racism in that interview. which they clearly did. also said in that clip you were unpatriotic. i can't comment on that because that's too crazy each for me. the third thing which he said i found very interesting is that you were disrespectful to the president. if you are going to accuse somebody of being disrespectful, you better come to the table with clean hands. bill maher has said and i jotted down three things. bill maher has said of president bush that is he a retarded child emperor. he has said i'm a comedian, bush is a retard. his words. and he said bush is a crazy
5:41 am
evangelical christian. now, it takes a certain kind of person to see what you did as disrespectful. after he does all that. so, yes, it's embarrassing and irrational. it's hypocritical. it's not -- for a guy who fancies himself smart, it's not too smart on his part. >> bill: here is the key question. almost like a juan and mary katharine discussion. when you reach -- when you jump the shark as they say in show biz and you get to a point where what you say is just flat out, as you said, clinically insane, all right, what happens then? >> nothing. >> bill: but it used not to be that way. >> right. >> bill: it used to be when a commentator -- remember jackie mason on the ed sullivan show when he was doing the finger business. >> right. >> bill: he didn't work for five years after that. >> right. >> bill: it used to be you were held accountable. >> couple of things. one, we live in a different america today.
5:42 am
jackie mason interestingly offended one person. >> bill: ed sullivan. >> unfortunately it was ed sullivan for jackie. bill maher actually should offend anyone with a shred of decency. you don't smear somebody as a racist, when there is obviously nothing there. but, because we live in a different america where can you say just about anything and get away with it, nothing will happen to him. and, let me say this, hbo lets people say things, including letting meal say things. hbo is a very liberal institution. but they have never once -- they know what i say about not all liberals but a lot of liberals in the media. and they have never once tried to censor anything that i have said to their credit and they certainly, certainly are not going to, you know, try to censor bill maher. >> bill: no. i don't expect them to. you believe the american public has changed and now won't hold anybody accountable for what they say? >> i think that's a big part of
5:43 am
it. in the specific case of bill maher, and, believe me, this is not a shot at bill maher, i don't think he is important enough to matter. if barack obama had said those words, that he thinks you are a bigot because you asked him about football, knowing -- i can't even explain, this because is he a basketball guy, and everybody knows black people play basketball, you, bill o'reilly, are racist. >> bill: don't black people play football? >> that's the crazy logic, whatever. so, if barack obama said it,. >> bill: then it would be elevated. >> but bill maher said it. >> bill: i'm more interested in the audience' reaction. >> there are two audiences. the american audience, and to the extent that the people watching us tonight are a part of the american audience, they find it reprehensible. there is no question about that he speaks to a subculture. he speaks to people who believe what he says. bill maher fancies himself, bill
5:44 am
maher fancies himself the reincarnation of lenny bruce, you know, the comedian of the 50s who said controversial things and got in trouble for them. that takes a certain amount of courage. bill maher doesn't have an ounce of courage. he can say anything he wants and he is not going to get in any trouble. >> bill: i don't know. i just think, to me, there has to be a tipping point, but apparently there isn't anymore. now, you were watching the discussion about nbc news and boehner and why they are harping on the birth certificate and the religion. you have a theory on it? >> well, just let me say, first, i think it's okay to ask a leader. do you think that these people who think obama was born on nuclear weapon tune. you know, do you want to denounce these people? i don't think that's a crazy, unfair question in and of itself. although i think you made a good point earlier. but, if liberal reporters, if liberal journalists can get boehner to say these people are
5:45 am
nuts, then these people who many of them who are nuts, and i'm going to hear from them for saying that, they also vote republican. we have to admit that. >> bill: create a fish -- fish sure. >> that's what it was.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check just two items this evening. check one, one of the most heart breaking things for belief when i see the troops family members trying to cope with their injuries. we went to walter reid hospital last december and there were scores of little kids in that hospital because that's where their dads and moms were. i can't tell you how painful it is for the families of our wounded service people to watch
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the life altering situation their loved ones are. in after consulting with president obama, we have decided to help the fisher house charity. this fine organization provides housing and other benefits to the families of our wounded warriors. the feds can't afford to house the families when they go to the hospital thousands of miles away. so we the people must do it. therefore, we are offering this historical document, the personal notes i use during the recent presidential interview in return for a donation to the fisher house. president obama signed the original copy, there is his signature. i will sign all of the ones that we're making available to you. so you will get my original signature, my real signature and president obama's facsimile. the donation for this is $500. it is tax deductible. i know it's a heavy cost. but we are hoping to raise an enormous amount of money to help the families of our severely wounded military people. so if you go to bill o' we have a link to the fisher
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house. it's easy. you just click on over there and they will handle the rest. again, this is a unique piece of history, and our campaign will provide a great amount of relief to our military people and their families. one of the reasons that i continue to do the factor is because i can do things like this. with your help, we can make life easier for those who are suffering grievously in some cases after protecting us overseas. check out out and i thank you in advance. check two, "saturday night live" apparently got a big kick out of my intervia with president obama. >> thank you for watching the factor, tonight's top story, the results are in. my pre-super bowl interview with president obama and the game that followed it had a audience of 2 million people making it the most watched event in television history. once again i have you the viewers to thank. we have more reaction to parts one and two later on the factor. first here is part three of my conversation with president
5:51 am
obama. >> all right, mr. president, egypt, a lot of turmoil, people in the street and all that jazz. what's going to happen? >> bill, the egyptian people have spoken. clearly. >> as you know the factor has been on the egypt thing for a couple days now and this mumbarak guy, trust me, he ain't going nowhere. okay? he is going to be there a long time. he knows we are on him because is he a factor viewer. i don't think is he going to try any funny stuff, not with the factor watching. i mean, he could be, maybe. but i doubt it. >> that's good to know. all right, a cull couple more questions, the segment we call the culture quiz. first up the andy griffith show delighted american audiences from 1960 to '6 which member of the cast went on to direct such films as the beautiful mind and doid? >> bill -- >> was it a, don knotts? b ron howard c jim neighbors or henry winkler. >> bill, it was ron howard. >> do you have a paddle? >> yeah.
5:52 am
it would be ron howard. [bell ringing] >> correct. very good, mr. president. now we have got time for our viewer mail. >> do i have to stay for this? sit down! [ laughter ] charlotte woodward of california writes this verse, there was once a news man named bill whose factor program gave everyone a thrill. it was just like a school where no spin was the rule and our heads with knowledge it did fill. very good, charlotte. excellent poem, don't you think so, mr. president. >> it was okay. [ laughter ] >> both charlotte and jim as well as you, mr. president, will be getting our no spin zone tote bags and factor wind breakers. >> very kind of you. >> as always, feel free to write us here at the factor name and town if you opine. don't be long-winded. that's our vocabulary word for today. long winded. [ laughter ] you know what word, mr. president? >> yes, i do.
5:53 am
now, can i go? >> no, no, no. hang on, hang on. that's all the time we have tonight on the factor. please join us here tomorrow because the spin stops here and live from new york, it's saturday night. [ laughter ] >> bill: and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring portland, oregon, trying to ban a very personal item. right back with p and p. etfs? exchange traded funds? don't just give me ten or twenty to choose from. come on. td ameritrade introduces commission-free etfs with a difference-- more choice. over a hundred etfs.... ...chosen by the unbiased experts at morningstar associates. let me pick what works for me. for me. for me. the etf market center at td ameritrade. before investing, carefully consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. contact td ameritrade for a prospectus containing this and other information. read it carefully before investing.
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5:55 am
in a moment. you won't believeñr are trying to bançó inñr oregon. deal.ñr get iñi free ofñi charge. great deal.ñiçó it willñrñ;end soon. now to the mail:çó q to someone else without approval.ñr 9tion.ñrñiñiñrñr
5:56 am
. >> bill: the argument is poor women need the services and the government must respond to that with money. i an with you. that person should not be forced to pay for it
5:57 am
. >> bill: during world war i the prostitutes who followed the troops in europe often wore combat boots. i did not know that is interesting. we didn't know the combat boot association. finally i, city of portland, oregon may pass a law that will discourage city employees from wearing perfume, after shave or anything else that gives off a scent. we hope that does not include deodorant. the reason, some people have allergies and heavy duty colognes affect those. is the proposed ban pinheaded or patriotic? interesting question. please vote on last friday we bought you
5:58 am
donald trump. by the way, ron paul cannot get elected, i'm sorry to tell you. [ booing ] >> you know what else? i like ron paul. i think he's a good guy. but honestly he has zero chance of getting elected. you have to win an election. >> bill: it was close. 55% think mr. trump is a pinhead for those remarks. 45% say he's patriotic for laying it out there the way he sees it that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. the guy on "saturday night live" missed the wish part.
5:59 am
i thought that was funny. i want to know what you think. here's the word of the day when writing the factor or watching "saturday night live", do not be a poltroon. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for yo >> top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, february 15, 2011. nearly $4 trillion that's the cost of president obama's 2012 budget and today, he tries to sell it on the hill but we still don't have a budget for this year, remember? we're still in 2011. so are we headed for a government shutdown? >> meanwhile, hey, neighbor, where you from? oh, gitmo? that gitmo? the prison? one california town wants suspected terrorists to call their city home. we're going to talk to the lawmaker trying to make that happen this morning. >> yeah, jump suits for everyone. he

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